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Apranga Group Administration and Logistics Centre to be Built in the New Vilnius Business Park

MG Valda, one of the largest real estate development companies in Lithuania, will develop a new administration and logistics centre for the Apranga Group at Vilnius Business Park located at Ukmergės Street 362. This will be a EUR 14 million investment in the project developed on a 3.6 ha plot of land. Vilnius Business Park occupies an area of 8.5 ha. MG Valda and the Apranga Group are part of MG Baltic, one of the largest groups in Lithuania.

Development of the administration and logistic centre that will accommodate almost 200 staff of the Apranga Group started at the end of 2015. The complex with a total area of 15,400 sqm will consist of 1-3 storey buildings planned to be completed by the end of 2017. The new complex will feature unique architecture and top technical solutions, among them solutions for energy performance of the building. Special focus will be devoted to landscape architecture, which will blend exterior and interior of the complex emphasising the idea that fashion comes from nature.

According to Rimantas Perveneckas, director general of the Apranga Group, the company has always had ambitious plans for the future and the new exclusive administration and logistics centre is part of the plans. The new modern administration and logistics centre will allow the company to ensure top performance standards and a more efficient logistics process. Opening of the new building will coincide with the 25th anniversary of the Apranga Group in business.

Sigita Survilaitė-Mekionienė, director general of MG Valda, maintains that the “built to suit” projects are not new for the company. “Several years ago we successfully realised a similar project involving Vilnius Duona bakery. Then, an administration, production and logistics centre was developed. A strategically convenient location to ensure good communication with other cities of Lithuania and offering opportunities for further development was selected for the new project. We plan that divisions of other large businesses will settle next to the Apranga Group in Vilnius Business Park in the future”, Mr Survilaitė-Mekionienė said.

The building has been designed by JP Architektūra, which has contributed to the success of several other real estate projects of MG Valda; the builder is UAB Mitnija.


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