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A modern office building surrounded by nature

One of the main distinctive features of the A-class office building complex ‘Park Town’, which will be constructed on a strategically convenient Lvovo street, on the right bank of the River Neris next year, is the Japanese garden of Vilnius to be planted nearby. Investments to be made by real estate management and development company MG Valda in to the office complex development will amount to EUR 40 million.

Investments are made into the state-of-the-art technologies.

The project developers do not hide that the Japanese garden dictated certain architectural and interior solutions of the future office complex of 22 000 sq.m.

MG Valda has ambitious goals – to align with the standards of the most advanced European business centres. The seven-storey office complex will be fitted with indoor humidification system, individual workplace lighting control by electric roller blinds, indoor status and window position sensors, lifting floor, individual microclimate control in each room.

The developers of the Park Town business centre are confident that and attractive office building and quality installed workplaces are must for today’s business centres, especially when competing for top-level specialists’ attention.

The business centre will offer services attractive to people working in it.

Since working hours are no longer strictly counted, there will be a nursery, restaurant, cafes, gym, beauty salon, and dry-cleaner’s for their convenience at the business centre. The office complex will have two terraces decorated with the elements of small architecture. The main terrace of 400 sq.m. facing the future Japanese garden of Vilnius is likely to become one of the most favourite meeting places among Vilnius residents. The business centre can be conveniently accessed by bicycles, therefore bicycle storage places, lockers and showers will be fitted for cyclists’ convenience. Another facility – car sharing spaces.

MG Valda satisfied itself that opening a nursery or a school in a business centre is an attractive solution upon completion of the Verslo trikampis project. A private school operating inside the Verslo trikampis has already been completed by a number of pupils, while people working in this business centre distinguished the nursery as one of the most demanded services.

‘We will offer an exclusive business centre to international companies discovering the Lithuanian market and Lithuanian companies, by which we will try to change the conventional attitude to a workplace. The uniqueness of the Park Town business centre lies on its exclusive attention to people who will be working here and their personal needs and search for the balance between a modern workplace and carefully-developed social space’, noted Head of MG Valda Assets Management Division Monika Sabaliauskaitė.

Aspired goal is Breeam certificate.

The developers of the business complex focus special attention on sustainability: they are determined to pursue Breeam – the world’s foremost environmental assessment method and rating system for buildings.

‘Certification of buildings according to the BREEAM is still a novelty in Lithuania, since it is rather costly, besides, few developers decide to pursue Breeam standard in the design stage. We decided that it is a meaningful investment. For our tenants it will be a sufficient proof that excellent conditions will be created for their employees, meeting the top international standards applied to business premises’, explained Ms. Sabaliauskaitė. ‘We also consider the Breeam certificate to become our important competitive advantage – we want to make sure that our business centre will stand out by its working environment and more progressive solutions’.

The business centre will be fitted with smart building and microclimate control systems, water reuse system, renewable energy sources, such as: aerothermal, geothermal heating will ensure lower energy costs. Solar panels will be mounted on the building facades to generate electricity, lifts with electricity regeneration are projected.

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