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The ‘Pušų terasos’ estate in Vilnius has been completed

The completion of the ‘Pušų terasos’ project of the real estate development and management company MG Valda in Vilnius has been officially announced. It is the third successful stage of the ‘Antakalnio terasos’ estate under development. Over 70% apartments have already been sold.

According to MG Valda Sales Manager Mantas Umbrasas, two distinctive trends are noticed in the ‘Pušų terasos’ blocks. “We observe highly-increased interest and growing number of new purchases in this project. However people started actively buying new off-plan properties already a few years ago, nevertheless the great majority of projects on the market receive the largest number of the most active buyers once the construction is completed. Today, by visiting the ‘Pušų terasos’ properties clients can evaluate the whole – not only their apartment layout, views through the windows, the quality of building materials, but also landscaping solutions or even playgrounds. Another crucial criterion in decision-making is the possibility to move in immediately”, Umbrasas was telling.

The investment into the closed estate of 5–7 floor blocks developed in 2.5 ha land plot next to Antakalnis pine forest is EUR 35 million. The total number of flats offered to buyers was 381 in A and B energy class blocks. The total investment into the ‘Antakalnio terasos’ estate developed in four stages is EUR 70 million.

In 2013, architect Algirdas Kaušpėdas’ designers awarded the ‘Antakalnio terasos’ estate for their important contribution into green construction development, and for urban complex in 2014. In 2015, international RE experts’ team chose the ‘Antakalnio terasos’ estate as one of three best residential RE projects in the Baltic States. In the same year, the ‘Antakalnio terasos’ participated in the best European RE project election held at one of the largest international RE exhibitions in the Canes.

Landscape experts worked together with the architects on this project, who not only planted a great variety of plants and trees in the ‘Pušų terasos’ estate but also designed the recreational zones, community square and installed a stream. Collected rain water is used for landscape care. Clinker bricks were used in the project, all apartments have wooden windows mounted. Windows in the flats facing the south have special solar effect control fitted which blocks hot sunlight. The closed is estate is controlled by IP surveillance cameras.

The distinctive feature of the ‘Pušų terasos’ blocks of flats and the entire ‘Antakalnio terasos’ estate is generously-sized terraces with natural larch decking. “Quite a lot of flat buyers in the ‘Pušų terasos’ estate were considering buying a house before making their decision. Other buyers are families already returning from the outskirts of the city who find it difficult to adapt themselves to the deteriorated suburban infrastructure. Both types of customers consider the green areas next to the blocks and terraces that can compete with the yards of detached houses as the main factor in making their purchase decision. The terraces are also very popular among families with young children”, Umbrasas was naming the criteria considered by the buyers when making their decisions.

Apart from the ‘Pušų terasos’ properties, MG Valda, UAB is offering newly-built flats in the second stage of the LightHouse estate and in the ‘Užupio krantinės’ residential project. In the nearest future, the company is planning to introduce several new residential RE development projects.

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