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Vilnius to See One of the Most Beautiful Areas of the Old Town Recover: Paupys Project Launched

Residential areas designed by the six best Lithuanian architect teams, a modern business complex, spaces for creative and public purposes, a kindergarten and an old town market – all of these are to be established in a new area of the capital city to be named Paupys (Riverside) – with construction starting this year. Developers of the new residential area claim that a 5-hectare former industrial territory in a part of the city’s old town is to be revitalised with new power and to become a lively centre of attraction for city dwellers and tourists.

The unique concept of the multifunctional area, which will receive an investment of more than EUR 150 million by one of the biggest real estate management and development companies in Lithuania MG Valda, was developed by a team of 6 architect companies with extensive experience, namely, Arches, Eventus Pro, Architektūros Linija, T. Balčiūno Architektūros Biuras, Ambraso Architektų Biuras and Kančo Studija.
“The decision to entrust the design of the area to six teams was made for the reason that the entire future area should not reflect one architectural vision but should harmoniously combine and involve different attitudes,” Sigita Survilaitė-Mekionienė, general manager of MG Valda, explained. The project solutions of these authors were also evaluated by UNESCO experts, therefore, the same concept and continuity was preferred.

Areas of Residential Buildings

Construction of the first residential buildings on the riverside of the Vilnia will start this year. It is planned to have finished these buildings, which will have more than 600 apartments in 2019: some of the apartments will have floor areas of a few hundred square meters and will be aimed at those looking for luxury and exclusiveness, others will be cosy but nevertheless stylish, and will be smaller in size and geared towards young people and young families.
“Our goal is not only exceptional architectural expression and the highest quality standards, we also hope that the development solutions of the Paupys residential buildings will encourage the creation of small local communities,” Ms. Survilaitė-Mekionienė said. Paupys will also have premises for the local community which will be transferred to Vilnius city municipality free of charge.
That the project will be unique and exceptional is confirmed by the fact that even before the commencement of the construction MG Valda had received more than a thousand inquiries from potential buyers registered on the Paupys website.

Areas of Commercial and Public Purpose

There will be a modern business complex next to the Paupys residential area. It will have A-class offices, non-standard, exclusive premises for creative industries, as well as different shops, restaurants, clubs, an art gallery with a conference centre, a gym and a kindergarten.
“A special detail of Paupys will be a stylish gourmet market, which will have not only the products of farmers, fisher people and gastronomic masters, but also over ten small street food restaurants. We are confident that this area will become a firm favourite with Vilnius city dwellers” Ms. Survilaitė-Mekionienė added.

It is also planned to pay particular attention to the development of different public spaces in the residential quarter – squares, fountains, artistic installations.
“We want the area to be continuously alive, to be bursting with people, for this reason, when developing the concept, we tried to accommodate different functions in it, we looked for solutions to offer to those who will live here, work here or only visit. We also have the ambition to finally invite people to the river. This will be facilitated by the renewed embankment of the Vilnelė with bike and passenger paths and a new bridge to connect Paupys and Užupis,” Ms. Survilaitė-Mekionienė added.

To make spaces designed for people and not for vehicles – underground parking lots have been designed under the entire quarter.

Meaning to the City

Paupys is the first step in implementing the biggest conversion project in Lithuania, namely, the conversion of Vilnius Architectural Park, during which about 78 hectares of unused industrial territories next to the city are to be transformed into spaces that will be attractive for living, working and entertaining.
“When restoring historical territories in the old town part of the city, it is very important to preserve the context, the harmony with nature, the cultural, historical and architectural environment. The Paupys project is an excellent example of how all this is to be implemented in an impeccable manner. I believe it will set the tone for future projects as well. I find the fact that six of the best architects have designed this territory a big success. We will have architecture that will blend perfectly into the picture of the old town and the face of a creative and new Vilnius at the same time,” senior architect of Vilnius city Mindaugas Pakalnis said.

According to him, the future area of Paupys is a perfect illustration of cooperation between the public and private sector and their successful communication. The architect expects the same smooth engagement of the developers in other stages of development of Vilnius Architectural Park.

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